How Our Meetups Work

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The Prompt

  • Each month, we make available a voluntary prompt for the Monthly Meetup. Members may choose to write a short piece, fiction or nonfiction, poetry, prose, or script, as long as it conforms to the rules of the prompt. Anyone who feels comfortable sharing their work can do so, or request another person to read for them if they prefer.
  • Prompt Rules : 800 words max.
  • Prize: One randomly-drawn prompt response will win a $5 Half Price Books gift card. The winner must be present to claim the prize. In-person meetups only.


  • Each month, we have one or more discussion topics related to the art and/or business of writing. We also provide recommended reading, which are topical links to use as a starting point. If you have a topic you would like to cover, let us know at!

Writing Challenge

  • Every so often, we will host a challenge, where we provide one or more prompts, give members a set time to write, then give anyone who feels comfortable sharing what they wrote the opportunity to do so. In-person meetups only.


  • Members can bring copies of a written piece up to 5,000 words to a meetup and distribute it to be critiqued at a subsequent meetup. Alternately, submissions can be emailed to, where they will be placed into a Google Drive accessible to volunteers for critique.

Online Meetups

  • We are currently exploring free options for our scheduled online meetups. The goal is to have sufficient time and attendance capabilities for the full meetup. We have previously used Zoom and Discord, and continue to look for better options.

Page updated 2022/04/26